Reflection of Noble Feelings

Reflection of Noble Feelings
The Cosmo film festival is about to happen in the Scenic East Coast Road located in between Chennai, “ The mother of south indian filmdom and the Center of Tamil Film Industry – Kollywood ” and Mamallapuram the Gateway of South India during the period of 7th Century.

Chennai is the India's fourth largest civilized city in India and Mamallapuram @ Mahabalipuram is an example of ancient architecture. Thus Cosmo film festival should be performed as the confluence of both new civilization and ancient culture.

Our motto is, the talented art pioneers who are spread throughout the universe and the young artists, who embark on their journey with the arts, must collaborate with the artists of Indian subcontinent to understand, perceive, admire and promote the diverse arts, which exist in all parts of the universe.

Confluence Bounquet And Resort Pooncheri Mamallpuram, Poonjeri, Salavankuppam, Tamil Nadu 603104, India